Safety protocols for responsible alcohol service during the pandemic

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Hospitality Checkpoint is actively engaging in the development of partnerships and affiliations relating to the improvement of lives through awareness and benefits of responsible alcohol service. Our operations have been heavily focused on public safety, alcohol awareness and responsible alcohol service, and as of late, the issues surrounding pandemic public health as they relate to bars and restaurants. One of the very concerning issues we are aware of is the controversy over alcohol to-go/takeout alcohol and public health and safety. Hospitality businesses have been greatly impacted by the pandemic, and thus we are pivoting toward giving back to the communities in our surrounding counties by developing a free app for business owners that they can use for internal auditing. As part of each audit, we concentrate on audit questions and criteria directly related to over-service, awareness of of patron intoxication, and other public health issues related to food and alcohol service.

Bars, restaurants, and resorts have had to cut back on services related to the auditing of alcohol and food service. We believe that the lack of periodic auditing of alcohol service will contribute to public intoxication and DUI. It would seem that during this pandemic, some Americans are returning to post-prohibition alcohol consumption levels as it looks like the wild-west out there – when considering there are establishments with drive-through/takeout alcohol options.

In summary, we are turning our efforts toward quickly developing a self-service platform (mobile app) that will allow bars & restaurants to use our existing auditing systems so that they can conduct self-audits at no cost. This we believe will increase alcohol service awareness, reducing the number of incidents which relate to DUI death. We’re not charging businesses for this service but ask that if you have contacts or related partnerships, that you would consider passing along and/or reviewing our grant proposal. Your assistance will help us accomplish our goals of providing a free program to bars & restaurants for auditing these very crucial public health concerns throughout the state of Arizona. We’re trying to meet or exceed our sponsorship/grant goals as soon as possible to complete development of this new and ever expanding self-service system. Though we are a technically a for-profit organization, we share a common set of goals when it comes to alcohol and public safety.

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