Increased customer satisfaction = Increased revenues.
We are hospitality consultants to a wide range of industries including restaurants, bars & night clubs, hotels, resorts, and golf courses. Increase profits while preventing loss using our mystery shopper program.
Full Secret Shopper Services Company
Unlike other Secret Shopper Services, we specialize in bartender integrity checks - using skillful industry professionals.
Theft & Integrity Check Specialists
Expert hospitality consulting and services for restaurants, hotels, resorts, bar & night clubs, and golf courses.
Trusted by our industry partners.
Modern Margarita/ La Bocca

Secret Shopper Services

Our secret shopper services provide meaningful insight into the customer experience and provide thorough

hospitality staff evaluations.

 Exceptional Value & ROI

Our standard services all come with a two-hour comprehensive evaluation which includes detailed information on each facility as well as bar and staff members.

Concise Reporting 

We produce highly detailed reports of each engagement to provide feedback which is meaningful for making improvements. Each report contains quantifiable metrics which are graded on a scale.